In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Episode 23

I liked the first half of this episode until the radio show appearance happened. As soon as that event happened it was like the writers and animators forgot what Usagi about her feelings. Now it's not that I hate the Sailor Stars (except for Sailor Star Maker for the stupid attack name), but the forced romance and conflict elements are totally repetitive (see the third (official) story arc) and unnecessary (Chibi-Usa's existence).

   Speaking of unnecessary, the villains insulting the other one's body was very unneeded. Not to mention Galaxia talking about Earth as if she hadn't established a base of operations with minions there. I mean did she just realize it existed? For that matter why does Chibi-Chibi not seem to exist in this episode? Finally whose harebrained idea was it to do a fourth wall break at the beginning, and if it was the director why did they okay showing a ceiling fan so many times?

Omoikane and others please bless Good Morning Call Our Campus Days Episode 1

Warning Of Spoilers!

   I had actually lost hope that I would see a continuation to Good Morning Call. That said I am not yet sure if this will be as good based on how much trouble I had with the socially awkward moments. As I might have mentioned in some past post over empathize with the characters and actors during these moments. Yet I still watched the whole episode and found most of it to be very enjoyable.

   However, I am confused by who the "three days without sleep" woman is. Like is she a joke character or actually important to the over-arcing plot. Also why did Abe get a moment of coolness in the cafeteria and then become lame again at the party. There were certain production decisions that felt odd like Nao's walk being played on a loop in two scenes, and the one follow through on the "Secret Garden." Though I personally feel the oddest production detail is the end credits being spaced so far apart, and bland when compared to the high school episodes…

Bloodshot Salvation Issue 4 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   This issue's art is great, but there could have been just a bit more consistency with the character designs. Also there is a lack of background, with the exception of color, in a lot of panels. Speaking of the color palette it is nicely applied in spite of how much cross-hatching there is. My only personal complaint is that this is a very graphic issue that may be triggering for those who have been abused. That said the writing is fine even though the story is a bit short in terms of how much happens.

   Recommended, but with trigger warnings for those who have been abused or burned.

New Talent Showcase Issue 13 (1985) Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  The first feature "Found and Lost" is pretty good simply due to the talent of all the creatives. That said this story ends extremely abruptly, and while the plot threads are mostly resolved there are a few that still dangle (Ex. The librarian's brief supporting character moment).

  "Just Another Day" while having the most solid story, and ending, of the four features is a bit too angular on the art. Also certain small details are either not fleshed-out (What is the theta-effect), or too minimalistic (line work suggesting fingers in the third panel).

  Bobcat in "After The Ball" is essentially the movie The Sandlot. However, it has less likable characters and a few different elements/details than The Sandlot. Though this story has made me wonder if The Sandlot wasn't somewhat ripping off this tale.

 Finally we have 21st Sentry A.D. "The Beast Within." All I can say about this story is that the narrative makes little…

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Champions Swarm Generic Edition

1. The Punisher Annual #5 (1992) features some relatively decent punisher stories despite the characterization being less grim dark than normal.

2. The Eternals #3 (1976) is some decent mid-to late 70s Jack Kirby action.

3. The Champions #15 (1977) is pretty by the books for an American made superhero comic from the  1970s. However, I think fans of bee and bug related horror stories might enjoy this tale.

4. The Invaders #15 (1977) is a good issue in a series that had some bad (racist) issues. Also it remembers to show the potential for characters like the Atom and Ant-Man to be effective.

Faith's Winter Wonderland Special No. 1 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

    The events of this issue evoke the fun parts of childhood and good (quality) holiday specials. It also is the first full issue from Valiant Entertainment that feels like it could possibly be safely given to a kid. As for the art it is amazingly textured, designed, and mixes well with the colors and text. Speaking of the text the dialogue is top-notch and all word balloons are perfectly positioned.

    Really the only possible problem is that readers other than me might hate how the latter pages cause uncertainty. Meaning that the majority of the comic if not all of the story could just be a fantasy sequence. However, I feel that the opening, and where timestamps were placed, proves that everything actually happened.

   Very Highly Recommended!

Serenity Firefly Class 03-K64 No Power In The Verse Issue 4 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  Consistency in the area of character designs is non-existent in this comic. Nearly every single could be used as an example of this problem. What is worse is the pacing is sluggish due to how the scenes are broken up. Speaking of scenes, a few moments seem to be ripped out of the show (Firefly) and movie (Serenity) almost wholesale. The best example of this problem is the table argument in the latter pages of the book. Finally the coloring looks a bit off with how light and shadow are suggested.

  Not Recommended!